Documents are an important entity in the Legal System and OneDocx cares its users so a comprehensive document management is discussed here in this section. It will help user to add new document, update an existing document and remove un-necessary document from the system.

Creating a Folder

As you create a matter against a client, a folder is automatically created in Document list, You can always add a new folder in the document list.

Click Documents from the left panel of OneDocx, you will be presented with List of Documents.
Click "+" and then click folder

Create Folder pop up will appear, Giver Folder Name and click Save.

Folder will be saved and available on Document Listing page.

Uploading a Folder.

You can upload a folder including all files contained in the folder. 

Navigate to the folder that you would like to upload a folder, click on the "+" button and select "Folder Upload". Select the folder that you want to upload then click "OK".

Uploading Files

To upload an individual or multiple files, navigate to the folder that you would like to upload the file(s) to then click on the "+" button and select "File upload". Locate the file(s) you would like to upload and click "Open". You can select multiple files by holding the CTRL key while selecting them.

Downloading Folders and Files

To download an individual Folder/File, select the Folder/File , A down arrow head will appear, click the button and Folder/File will be downloaded successfully 

Batch Downloading

To download all Files/Folder available in a document folder, Click Download All button and "All" will be downloaded consisting all of the files and folder present in the specific Document Folder 

View Details
Select a file and click "Preview" , file will be opened in a new tab.

Add or change the file or folder's Category.

Rename the file or folder.

Move the file or folder to a new parent folder.

Move the file or folder (including all contents) to the Trash.

For more information on Documents or any other module of OneDocx please follow our other articles and video tutorials.