Following details will help you in adding a new matter in the OneDocx.

Creating Matters

Click on "Matters" on the left panel of OneDocx and click "+" button to Add new Matter.

Matter Form should be displayed, "Client", "permission" and "Description" are the only required fields.


Additional fields that we suggest you to complete are:


Practice Area
Onedocx comes pre-populated with a number of practice areas that you can apply to your Matters.


Client Reference Number
The Client Reference Number field can be used to track any internal or client facing reference number utilized by your firm. The Client Reference Number can be displayed on your bills through your bill themes. 

Statute of Limitations
Select a Due Date to track the Statue of Limitations on your Matters. The Statute of Limitations on all Matters can be viewed on the main "Calendar" tab by showing the "Statute of Limitations" calendar.  


Matter Permissions
Matter permissions allow you to specify who can view a particular Matter. 


Responsible solicitor, Originating Solicitor, Status, Open Date, Close Date and Pending Date can also be stated.

Related Contacts:

In Related Contact section you can add one or contact related to the specific matter. These contacts can be existing contacts in OneDocx or can be created while adding a matter.

Matter Billing
The Matter Billing section is where you will specify the billing method for the Matter. By default, the Matter is billable based on the flat billing rate specified in your user Profile. Clicking "Add a custom rate" allows you to specify a different hourly rate specific to this Matter. You can also specify custom Matter rates for other users of your Onedocx account. 


Additional billing methods available are "hour" and "Contingency". For more information about hourly, flat, and contingency billing methods.


Task Automation

In Onedocx, you can create lists of Tasks that need to be completed for each Matter. These Tasks can then be assigned in bulk when creating a Matter. 

For more information on how to Manage Matters, Please follow our other articles or Video Tutorials,