Following Details will help you in adding, editing and deleting a Task in OneDocx.Add Tasks:

Click Tasks on the left panel of OneDocx, you will be presented with Task page.
Click '+' button to add new task.

Add Task pop up window should appear add the following details:

  1. Task Name
  2. Description
  3. Assignee
    This is the user that the Task will be assigned to.

    Clicking on "Firm User" and selecting "Contacts" will allow you to assign the task to a client .

  4. Priority
    You can indicate whether the task is a High, Medium, or Low priority.
  5. Matter
    Select the related Matter for future billing.
  6. Reminder
    Reminders can be set up as an Email or pop up notification.
  7. Due at/Due in
    Select "Due at" to specify a due date for this task.

    When you specify a Matter that has tasks already assigned, the "Due in" option will become available. Click "Due in" to set a due date in relation to other tasks.

Click one of the "Save" buttons to complete the task creation. 

Edit Tasks:

Select an already existing Task and Click the edit button.
Edit Task pop up window will appear
Edit the fields you need to update and click save, Edited task will be saved successfully

Delete Tasks:

Select an already existing Task and Click the delete button.

Confirmation pop up will appear "Are you sure you want to delete the Task?"
Click "Yes"

Pop will be closed, Task will be deleted and prompt message will appear "Record Deleted".

For more information on Task or any other module of OneDocx please follow our other articles and video tutorials