Following Details will help you in adding Task List in OneDocx

Task Lists 

With Task Lists, you can create groups of templates for the tasks that you work on most often. These Templates can be assigned to a matter, which will help the you with saving time and effort. 


  • Creating and Managing List Template
  • Creating and Managing Task Template

Creating and Managing List Templates

To create a new Task List, Navigate to Tasks > List.
You will be presented with Task / List page.

Click the '+' button to Add new List.

Add List Template pop up window will appear. 

Give the list a Name, Description, and Practice area.

Click Save, your added List template will be added on the List Page.

You can easily Edit, Delete, Assign and Preview the list template by using Action buttons present on the right side of screen.

Creating and Managing Task Templates

To create a Task Template, Click on the name of List Template.
You will be directed to Task / Task Template page

Click '+' button to add new Task in the template.

Add Task Template pop up window will appear.

Add Task Name, Description, Priority and

This is the Onedocx user that the task will be assigned to.

"User List Assignee" indicates that you will choose an Assignee for the Task List when it is assigned.

Due in

  • Leave unchecked to specify the due date when the Task List is assigned.
  • Or, check the "Due in" box to specify a due date in relation to the Assignment Date or other tasks in the list.

The first task template in a list can only have a "Due in" date in relation to the "Assignment Date". This date relationship can be changed by editing the template after other Tasks have been added to the list.

You can also multiple Reminders of Email and Pop up notification type.

Click Save and your Task will be saved and visible on task template listing page. 

You can easily Add more Tasks, Edit and Delete using Action Buttons present on right side of screen

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