OneDocx provides ease of use to its users. User can generate document from the predefined templates, where user can maintain document consistency among all generated documents. This section will help user to define template and use in the documentation process.

Document Automation consists following steps:

  • Creating a Document Templates

Create a Word Document of your required template and replace the Matter relative text from its Merge Field (i.e Client Name, Company Name, Address)
A list of merge fields are provided in OneDocx at Settings > Documents.
Please see the sample template bellow for better understanding

  • Uploading Templates

To upload the document template, navigate to Documents > Templates . Click the "+" button, browse and upload the Document Template and select Document Category.

Click Save 
Document Template will be added in Templates listing page.

  • Generating Documents From Template

Once the template has been uploaded, you can generate your document from that Template 
Navigate to Document > List Document

Click on the "+" button and select "Document from Template".

Select Document Template and Matter (based on which you want to create document)

Click Save
Document will be created successfully
Double click the Matter Folder you created Document for, inside this folder there will be a folder with matter's client name
Double Click the client's name folder, inside you will find the Category Name folder
Double Click the category Name folder, inside you will find your document created from document template
You can preview, download, delete and rename this Document file.

A Sample of Document Created from Document Template is as follows:

For more information on Document or any other module of OneDocx please follow our other articles and video tutorials.