OneDocx allows user to modify the information of a matter and also facilitates to remove a matter from the OneDocx, if it is not required by user.

Editing and Deleting


  • Edit Matter
  • Delete Matter

Editing Matter

To edit a Matter, Navigate to matters module Select a matter and click edit MatterEdit Matter Form will be opened, edit the matter's info according to your need and click save. Edited Matter will be available in Matters Listing Page

Deleting Matters

To delete a matter, Navigate to matters module, Select a matter and click delete matter

Confirmation pop up will appear,  "Are you sure you want to delete the Matter".
Click Yes, a prompt message will appear and matter will be deleted and no longer will be available in OneDocx


This is how you can edit and delete matter in OneDocx, for more information on how to Manage Matter, Please follow our other articles or Video Tutorials.