This article contains detailed description on how to Create a new Account in OneDocx.

Creating Account:
In OneDocx accounts are created to depict the Financial department of an organization. We suggest that you create the same number and types of accounts within OneDocx to provide genuine utility as an audit tool against a specific client.

To create a new Account, click on Accounts from left menu bar and click '+' add account button

  1. Type: Choose the Account Type (Operating or Client Account)
    All non trusted accounts are designated as "Operating Accounts" and for a trust account select "Clients Account".
  2. Account Name: Name the Account according to which you want in to identified.
  3. Optional Account Details: Provide the optional information for your account such as Account Holder, Institution, Domicile Branch, Account Number, Transit Number, Swift, Currency and Opening Balance 
  4. Default Account: The "Default Account" means that when you open your Transactions tab this account will be the first one in the drop down, or the "default". 
  5. Select Create New Bank Account
    New account will be created successfully a will be visible on Account Listing page
    This is how you can Create Account in OneDocx, for more information please follow our other articles and Video Tutorials