With the help of OneDocx Calendars it is easy to keep track of your Events, Tasks Meetings and Matters.

Creating a New Calendar

You can create new Custom Calendars within Ondocx for various reason, eg: Meeting Calendars, Personal Calendar etc
Follow the following steps to create a new Calendar :
1 - Click 'Calendar' from left menu panel of OneDocx
2 - Click Bottom Arrow button and click 'Add new Calendar'

3 - Name the Calendar, select any specific color and click 'Save'

New Calendar will be created and visible on Main Calendar page

Editing Calendars
1 - To edit a Calendar, click the edit icon next to Calendar name which you want to edit 

2 - Edit Calendar form should appear, Edit calendar name or color and click Save

Calendar will be updated successfully and Updated calendar will appear on Calendar main screen.

Deleting Calendars
1 - To Delete a Calendar click edit button next to Calendar name
2 - User will be presented with Calendar Form page, with Save, Delete and Cancel button
3 - Click 'Delete', Calendar will be deleted successfully and user will be directed to Main Calendar page

Calendar Views
Your Events in OneDocx can be seen in different views

In month view you can see Events of the month selected.

In week view you can see Events of the week selected


In Day view you can see Events of the day selected

This is how you can Create and Manage Calenders in OneDocx, for more information please follow our other articles and Video Tutorials