This article explains how to use timer for efficient real time effort track against a Time Entry in OneDocx. For detailed instruction on how to add Time Activity see our "Creating, Editing and Deleting Time Entry" article.

Finding Timers:
Timers can be started from multiple places in OneDocx like,

  1. From Add Time Entry form
  2. From Activity List 

From Add Time Entry form:

While adding a new Time Entry Click the button with play sign, add required details and click save.

Time Activity should be saved successfully and presented on listing page with timer still working.

From Activity List :
As time entries are visible in Activity list, timer button is also available in Activity list, user can simply start and stop timer without opening activity in detail and browse through different module and the activity timer present at the top of OneDocx screen keep track of activity log against a time entry.

This is how you can use Timer in OneDocx, for more information please follow our other articles and Video Tutorials