Creating Bills 
To create Bills in OneDocx please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Bills from the left Panel of OneDocx and then click Click Billable Clients - All the bills related to clients will appear against which some Time/Expense activities are added

  2. Select the check box against the entry you want to create the bill and click Generate Bill button

  3. Generate Invoice pop up window will appear, Give due date and Click Save
  4. Your bill will be created and available on Bills screen
  5. Click Bills
  6. Bills screen will be presented with all the bills and their state (i.e. Draft, Pending Approval, Awaiting Payment, Paid)
    At start the bill will be presented under Draft or All tab, user can change the bills state by doing some necessary steps stated in article Billing Workflow: Options and Bills States.

This is how OneDocx help you to create bills against your clients for more more information on any module please follow our other articles and tutorial Videos